Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vivi Malaysia Edition

Hello fellow reader!

Do you love to read Vivi Magazines but just can't understand Japanese? I know I am experiencing this problem. Well fear no more! Malaysia now has their very own edition called "Vivi Malaysia"! You can now enjoy the latest Japanese fashion with a language you can understand!

Releasing their first issue on June 2012, fellow Malaysia Vivi fans can now start reading and collecting their Vivi Magazines from June. Featuring not only the latest style from Japan, Vivi Malaysia also provides beauty tips sure as dressing up, make up and even fitness!

You can find them at almost any book stores or convenient stores. Unlike the Japanese edition that comes at a higher price, the Malaysian Edition can be yours for only RM10 for each issue.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your Vivi Malaysia now!

I sure can't wait for Issue #2 ~~~

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