Thursday, 12 July 2012

Midi 57 @ Bangkung Row

Last month, Le Midi finally opened a second restaurant. Midi 57 at The Bangkung Row. If you love Italian food, this is a must visit place! I was really lucky to be invited to the pre-lauch of the restaurant. Midi 57 is situated at the upper right-hand corner of the shop lot.

Midi 57's shop sign! Really retro~

The main entrance

Midi 57 is really comfortable. Diners have the option of dining either inside or outside the restaurant. If you prefer the afternoon warmth and the cooling evening do take a seat outside =D!

Unlike Le Midi at Bangsar Shopping Center. Midi 57 has very very limited seats! If not mistaken, it could hold up to 40 - 50 customers. So please do make a reservation before you come to avoid a let down.

The pre-lauch consisted of both wine and food tasting. Some food served today can't be found on the restaurants usual menu.

Lovely breads were served before the course started to prevent me from getting hungry
The bread was really soft, fresh and fluffy!

 Firstly, we were served some appetizer/ canape
They included mini asparagus pies and tuna on thin toasted breads

Next, the Seafood Marina Salad
It was really delicious! If you love baby octopus, this is the salad for you! There were tons of them inside

 They also served some fried calamaris

Grill Tuna with Sesames
This were surprisingly my favourite dish! I love fish and these tunas were really fresh
Being medium rare, it reminded me of beef steaks~

The also served some Lasagne and Pizza but my camera ran out of battery >.<

Overall the experience was great! I went there once more last week. The food once more was excellent! If you ever pop by the Bangkung Row, do try out Midi 57.

The Details:

57, Jalan Bangkung
Off Jalan Maarof
 Bukit Bandaraya
  59100 Kuala Lumpur

60 3 20951381
Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 11am to 12am

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ten Japanese Restaurant

Last night I had Japanese for dinner. I am sure some of you might have heard of Ten Restaurant at Publika Solaris Dutamas. If you haven't, it is a restaurant brought to Malaysia all the way from Gold Coast, Australia! 

If you love authentic Japanese food and good Wagyu Beef this is the place to visit! But be prepared to pay quite a bit as this is a fine dining restaurant. Aside from the food, the restaurant's ambiance is wonderful. It really gives you a warm and classy Japanese restaurant feeling as soon as you enter.

You could choose to sit infront of the Sashimi Counter or be seated in a private room or a regular table.

 The layout

As soon as we received the Menus, we started to browse through.
 My family really could not decide what to eat. Everything just looked delicious!
We went for the Al a Carte option yesterday, but the restaurant also has Chef's Kaiseki Course which changes every month.

So on to the food!

 Salmon Belly Sashimi

 This was really delicious and fresh! It literally melts in your mouth. 

 Simmered Wagyu Beef Tendon with Red Miso

This was my most favourite dish of the day. If I remembered clearly, it is the Chef's monthly special. According to the waiter serving our table, the beef took 3 days to cook. The chef had to cook this dish really really slow in order to ensure the tendons do not break apart.



 Garlic Rice set

 The set came with a Miso Soup and Chawanmushi

Saga Premium Japanese Wagyu Steak (100 grams)

Really fresh and well cooked. We ordered medium rare and the steak came as requested.

Hiramasa Kasuzuke Fish

Like all their ingredients, the fish was fresh as well!
With very little spices added to it, I could actually taste to natural sweetness of the dish!

Overall the experience was great! I would sure visit this restaurant again. Would sure try their Kaiseki course during my next visit to Ten! If you would like to pay them a visit, here are the details:

D5-G3-5, Solaris DutamasNo.1,
 Jalan Dutamas,
150480 Kuala Lumpur

+60 3 6211 9910

Opening Hours 
Lunch Tuesday - Friday 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Dinner Tuesday - Sunday
6:00pm - 10:00pm(Last Order)
Closed on Monday

It is advisable to make a Reservation before you visit their restaurant especially for big crowds as the restaurant is quite small. 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Vivi Malaysia Edition

Hello fellow reader!

Do you love to read Vivi Magazines but just can't understand Japanese? I know I am experiencing this problem. Well fear no more! Malaysia now has their very own edition called "Vivi Malaysia"! You can now enjoy the latest Japanese fashion with a language you can understand!

Releasing their first issue on June 2012, fellow Malaysia Vivi fans can now start reading and collecting their Vivi Magazines from June. Featuring not only the latest style from Japan, Vivi Malaysia also provides beauty tips sure as dressing up, make up and even fitness!

You can find them at almost any book stores or convenient stores. Unlike the Japanese edition that comes at a higher price, the Malaysian Edition can be yours for only RM10 for each issue.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your Vivi Malaysia now!

I sure can't wait for Issue #2 ~~~

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nikko, Japan

How many of you have been to Nikko in Japan?

For me, last month (May) was my first time. I could tell you that I instantly fell in love with that place. The scenery was so pretty they my jaws literally dropped the minute I arrived.

For those of you who have no idea where Nikko is here is a brief background. Nikko is a small city in Tochigi Perfecture and is located roughly 2 to 2 1/2 hours or 140km North of Tokyo. Some key places to visit during your time at Nikko includes Toshogu Shrine, Lake Chuzenjo and  the Kegon Waterfalls.

View Larger Map

So here are some pictures I took during my time at Nikko.

The Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Really amazing place to visit. The architecture is really fine and detailed. I was really amazed on how the Japanese are able to maintain the beauty of the shrine! It is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday if you are interested to visit.

So many people!!! It was even during a weekday. I visited the Shrine on Wednesday. Unlike Malaysia, Japan is always filled with people~~ There were many schools on field trips during my visit.

Some sceneries  around the Toshogu Shrine.


After spending part of the day at Toshogu Shrine, I visited Lake Chuzenjo and Kegon Waterfalls. Both places created memories for me as it was my first time seeing an extremely huge lake up above a mountain and a waterfall. 

Yes... it was my first time seeing a waterfall... It is kinda sad that after all the years I have been around I have not even seen a waterfall in person. Snow is another item on my want to see list *cries*....

A panoramic view of the lake. I was really lucky that the sun was up as it rained for a few days before my visit to Nikko.

Another angle of Lake Chuzenjo!

A huge plus for me during my visit to Nikko was that I saw SAKURA!!!! As many of you know April is the month where Sakura blooms in Japan. They usually come and go really fast.

Luckiy, Nikko was located really high up above the sea level. Sakura trees at Nikko bloom slightly later than Tokyo as the temperature rises slower. I visited Nikko mid-May. That was like over 1 month after the Sakura season.

Though the whole places was not covered with Sakura petals, I was still really lucky to have seen some =D

Here are more pictures!

Here is a picture of me at the Lake!

After visiting the lake, I decided to move on to visit Kegon Waterfalls.

To tourist guide told me that Kegon Waterfalls differs from many waterfalls as the water flows down elegantly and not vigorously.

It was indeed true. I felt really calm and relaxed when I saw it.

  Behold it's beauty!

And the final picture of Kegon Falls before I left Nikko.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ball-Jointed Dolls

I am not too sure if  you ever heard of  ABJD (Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls) or Super Dollfies, but recently this hobby has been increasing in popularity in Malaysia. Look it up on the great Google if you haven't heard of it. You'll get tones of information!

If you guys know me in person, you all can tell how much I love this hobby!!!

Looks just how pretty they are!

Sadly I know some of my friends find them scary due to their realistic appearance...

If you guys know me in person, you all can tell how much I love this hobby!!!

But it comes with a hefty price as I often go broke *wtf*.

This hobby is not for the halfhearted.  One must be prepared to spend a lot and I mean a lot of $$$. The doll itself could cost as low as $250 to as high as $5000 or more depending on their popularity, availability and customizers *wtf*.

But I still love the pain as I am able to tailor them to my liking. Yay!!

Owners are able to change their doll's eyes, wigs, clothing, body, face up (make up) to suit their taste and personality *awesome*!!

Look just how different one doll could look just by changing their parts.



She is a Volks Megu btw. Here I have changed her clothes, wig and body.

You could even pose them! How great is that!

There are even male ABJDs.


Even he can look different just by changing their parts.


#5 Here I made him look like Rokudo Mukuro from the manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Sadly there are no physically shop that sells them in Malaysia yet.

But if you are interested, you could check the links below!