Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nikko, Japan

How many of you have been to Nikko in Japan?

For me, last month (May) was my first time. I could tell you that I instantly fell in love with that place. The scenery was so pretty they my jaws literally dropped the minute I arrived.

For those of you who have no idea where Nikko is here is a brief background. Nikko is a small city in Tochigi Perfecture and is located roughly 2 to 2 1/2 hours or 140km North of Tokyo. Some key places to visit during your time at Nikko includes Toshogu Shrine, Lake Chuzenjo and  the Kegon Waterfalls.

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So here are some pictures I took during my time at Nikko.

The Nikko Toshogu Shrine. Really amazing place to visit. The architecture is really fine and detailed. I was really amazed on how the Japanese are able to maintain the beauty of the shrine! It is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday if you are interested to visit.

So many people!!! It was even during a weekday. I visited the Shrine on Wednesday. Unlike Malaysia, Japan is always filled with people~~ There were many schools on field trips during my visit.

Some sceneries  around the Toshogu Shrine.


After spending part of the day at Toshogu Shrine, I visited Lake Chuzenjo and Kegon Waterfalls. Both places created memories for me as it was my first time seeing an extremely huge lake up above a mountain and a waterfall. 

Yes... it was my first time seeing a waterfall... It is kinda sad that after all the years I have been around I have not even seen a waterfall in person. Snow is another item on my want to see list *cries*....

A panoramic view of the lake. I was really lucky that the sun was up as it rained for a few days before my visit to Nikko.

Another angle of Lake Chuzenjo!

A huge plus for me during my visit to Nikko was that I saw SAKURA!!!! As many of you know April is the month where Sakura blooms in Japan. They usually come and go really fast.

Luckiy, Nikko was located really high up above the sea level. Sakura trees at Nikko bloom slightly later than Tokyo as the temperature rises slower. I visited Nikko mid-May. That was like over 1 month after the Sakura season.

Though the whole places was not covered with Sakura petals, I was still really lucky to have seen some =D

Here are more pictures!

Here is a picture of me at the Lake!

After visiting the lake, I decided to move on to visit Kegon Waterfalls.

To tourist guide told me that Kegon Waterfalls differs from many waterfalls as the water flows down elegantly and not vigorously.

It was indeed true. I felt really calm and relaxed when I saw it.

  Behold it's beauty!

And the final picture of Kegon Falls before I left Nikko.